Professional. Compassionate. Personalized.

Our goal is to provide a positive health screening experience that participants look forward to year after year. We offer solutions that meet the needs of both small and large employers. Our dedicated staff manage all of the details from pre-registration and screening logistics, to data reporting and nurse follow-up.

Onsite screenings

Every screening we perform provides the highest level of privacy and efficiency. Our friendly and professional staff ensure every participant has the best experience possible.

Small group logistics

We realize one size does not fit all, so whether your group is 500 employees or less than 25, we offer screening options to meet your unique needs. Be confident that your employees get the same professional service no mater your group size.

Remote employees

In today’s ever evolving work structure, we realize your employees may not be in the same location. We offer solutions that provide remote workers the same opportunity for a health screening. Our data and reporting structure allows a seamless integration that works for everyone.