About Us

Our Story

It Starts With Me Health was founded in 2001 by Dan Keith. After working with employers for a number of years, Dan saw several things:

  • There was a lack of clinical guidance and coordination in most employee benefit decisions and wellness programming. He saw benefits and wellness operating in parallel with, in spite of, or in a manner that was completely disconnected from the employer’s health plan and healthcare providers.
  • While most employers were spending a lot of money on multiple services and programs for their employees, very few of these services & programs were integrated with one another. They were like puzzle pieces out of different boxes – they weren’t built to fit together and no amount of time passing or finger-crossing could MAKE them fit together.
  • Employers, when really pressed, generally had little tangible evidence of the effectiveness of these services and programs in actually improving employee health and lowering health plan costs.

So Dan set out to create and incorporate clinical solutions that would improve employee health. He wanted solutions that worked collaboratively with existing employer benefits, wellness programs, clinicians, and that utilized existing healthcare relationships for the benefit of employees, employers, and health plans.

Today, combining clinical analysis of health data with employee health analysis and benefits design, It Starts With Me Health gives employers and consultants the actionable information they need to make better health plan, benefit, wellness, and general employee health decisions.

Integrity and Honesty

It is vital for employers to invest their financial resources with vendors whose claims have been verified and that follow clinical guidelines with honesty and integrity.

In 2016, It Starts With Me Health became the first employee health and wellness program provider in the United States to be verified by the Care Innovations Validation Institute, a provider of sound, valid information to healthcare industry consumers.

Also in 2016, It Starts With Me Health was the first employee health and wellness provider in the United States to endorse and adopt the “Employee Health Vendor Code of Ethics”.

It Starts With Me Health is proud to support the work that St Judes Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospitals for Children do on behalf of children and their families