Online ServicesOur highly sophisticated, customizable, secure, & user-friendly online registration system allows employees to register for any health event right from their own computer. It Starts With Me also provides electronic marketing materials for health events and access to numerous free online health resources for your employees.

Online service provided by ISWM:

  • Online registration for any of your company's health events
  • Same day  retrieval of company aggregate health reports by employers via our secure online data retrieval system
  • Electronic marketing materials for your health events
  • Employee Health Promotion web pages built specifically for your company
  • Access to numerous free online health resources
  • Direct connection to online personal health information storage systems such as HealthVault and Google Health.

And for those people in your organization who might not be as computer savvy as others, or might not have computer access at all, we have a toll-free number they can call for assistance with registration.

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