Personal Health Management ServicesBecause we believe in the importance of knowledge and management of personal health, It Starts With Me makes available the tools individuals need to take control of their health.

Some of the most popular Personal Health Management Services that we provide are:

  • Ongoing personal health management for each individual
  • On-site and telephonic health coaching
  • 1:1 follow-up with a medical provider to discuss health screening results (where available)
  • on-site medical clinics (where available)

Additionally, many companies have several programs available to their employees (EAP, smoking cessation, weight loss, diabetes management, etc.), though they are often underutilized.   ISWM can help move the appropriate employees toward these programs by identifying and targeting those individuals for whom those programs would be most beneficial.

And if you want to have some of these programs in place but currently don't have them, we can help with that too.

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