Cusomized SolutionsAll of the services provided by It Starts With Me are completely customizable to any company of any size.  Our mission is to provide valuable and useful health solutions for you, the conscientious employer.

We understand that every company has unique needs, so we have spent over a decade building information systems that allow customization for each organization we serve.

Do you:

  • have multiple offices that may require implementation of services in different ways?
  • have questions you want to add to a questionnaire or employee survey?
  • want to implement a health risk score for some of your offices, but not all of them?
  • want clinical follow-up onsite for identified health risks?
  • want onsite follow-up at some locations but not others?
  • have hard-to-get-to locations or rural offices that need services made available to them?
  • need specialized reports?
  • want to increase utilization of other services your organization has invested resources in such as EAP or case management?
  • get more confused with every insurance representative, consultant, or wellness expert you talk to?  What you hear sounds good, but the cost savings they talk about sound too gray to bank on?
  • keep hearing that you need to pay for "health coaching" or "online web resources", but aren't sure why, and you've heard that employee utilization of those services is often low?

If so, talk with us.  We are the experts! We have over a decade of experience.  We strive to provide the latest in health and medical support.  Rest assured, we're not reselling someone else's product or trying to convince you that a health promotion delivery system that works in the big city will work in a rural area as well.  The fact is, it generally won't.  And since we are the ones DELIVERING the service to you, not just giving advice, we can customize programs that work for your business.

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