Health-E-Check Health ScreeningsNumerous companies have discovered the value of one of It Starts With Me's premiere and most utilized health services: on-site Health-E-Check health screenings.  This is the component of your health promotion programming that employees see, touch, feel, and experience.  Because of this, we have spent a lot of time making sure that Health-E-Check is a program that you can have confidence in and be proud of.

HRAAt It Starts With Me we go beyond the typical Health Risk Assessment by including some of the same questions about the same health issues that most physicians would want to know more about.  We build our questions around body systems and the appropriate tests for each individual.  We then tie that information to objective biometric findings, and build a bigger picture from that information.   We feel that this provides a much more complete and accurate snapshot of an individual's health and the overall health of a company.

Personal Health Management ServicesBecause we believe in the importance of knowledge and management of personal health, It Starts With Me makes available the tools individuals need to take control of their health.

Cusomized SolutionsAll of the services provided by It Starts With Me are completely customizable to any company of any size.  Our mission is to provide valuable and useful health solutions for you, the conscientious employer.

Online ServicesOur highly sophisticated, customizable, secure, & user-friendly online registration system allows employees to register for any health event right from their own computer. It Starts With Me also provides electronic marketing materials for health events and access to numerous free online health resources for your employees.

Data ManagementThe data obtained during a Health-E-Check screening provides crucial health information for your company as well as for your employees. It Starts With Me is able to store, trend, and analyze accumulated health data.  We then generate user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant reports that can provide critical information for both individuals and health plans.


Risk Analysis ReportingWhile some wellness companies offer risk analyses, most use very few objective findings in their analysis.  By default, they then rely heavily on the subjective data provided to them by the employee.  And many claims payers have sophisticated data analytics tools, but their analysis is limited to data submitted via medical claims. One of the unique aspects of It Starts With Me is our ability to identify at-risk employees based on comprehensive objective clinical data, in addition to subjective responses to health risk questions, without a claim having been submitted.