It Starts With Me Employer ResourcesHow can on-site health screenings and employee health promotion programs help your company?

  • Health Screenings help identify health risk factors prominent among employees that can be targeted for intervention
  • With the right guidance, employees who know their health risk(s) are able to make meaningful behavior changes and improve their health
  • Catching a health problem early leads to fewer complications, a faster recovery and lower health care costs for companies and their employees
  • Well rounded health promotion programs can:
    • Decrease employee absenteeism
    • Increase employee retention and company moral
    • Save your company money by reducing medical claims for preventable chronic illnesses

How can It Starts With Me help?

  • On-Site Health Screenings for both large and small companies
  • Customizable Online and/or Paper Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
  • Online Registration for Health Events
  • On-site or telephonic follow-up sessions with a Medical Provider
  • Online access to Employer Aggregate Reports the day of the screening
  • Comprehensive Wellness Reports the day of the screening for participants
  • Results driven Health Promotion Programs specific to your company needs

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Employees spend approximately 36% of their total waking hours at work, making the worksite an ideal place to provide workers with the knowledge and skills needed to help improve personal health behaviors.

Personal health behaviors, and the associated health risks, can be very costly. Recent research found that 10 modifiable risks accounted for 25% of medical expenditures. Other studies have linked health risks to increased absenteeism and decreased employee productivity. Solid research has shown that comprehensive wellness programs can yield a return on investment (ROI) of nearly $4 in reduced healthcare costs for every dollar spent (WELCOA, 2002).