My Health is in My Hands, and It Starts With Me!

It Starts With Me Health Promotion Programs, a division of Coordinated Care Partners, Inc., was established in 2001 with the simple goal of becoming the most efficient, cost-effective, results driven wellness provider in the United States.It Starts With Me Computer Users

It Starts With Me has excelled rapidly in its industry by providing unparalleled health promotion services and by building solid relationships with clients through an uncompromising dedication to customer service.

Professional on-site events, with the addition of provider follow-up and data/risk analysis, are our specialty and are key to successful integration of health promotion and wellness programs for our clients.

The slogan "My Health is in My Hands and It Starts With Me" was the driving force behind the name of our company. We strongly believe in the importance of taking personal control over your health and health care management and provide individuals with the tools they need to do this.

Mission Statement26

To reduce the incidence of preventable health conditions by providing affordable, accessible,  high-quality health management solutions to the conscientious consumer.


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